Saturday, November 15, 2014

Doom Messenger by everlookphotography

Mount Ngauruhoe Tongariro National Park One hour of visibility was a heaven send . 2 days before this, the weather forecast read badly . 1 day before, I set out from the western trailhead of the Tongariro crossing with the forecast reading "Red Crater, 6am, 20mm precipitation, 80km/h westerlies". I thought to myself that sometimes you can get above these conditions yea? That precipitation came in all forms and I can guess the windspeed was estimated correctly . Moving wet white is pretty hard to photograph! Next morning's forecast did not read much better but I set out anyway since I could actually see stars from down below at times. Upon reaching the red crater predawn, it seemed like it was going to be the same story. Then, saw an emerald lake! And then it was all good - until the descent took me back into the bad weather lol. At the time this was shot I wondered if I would have seen anything had I chosen to summit Ngauruhoe? View on black naturally! and sorry about the black bars - trying to get more into the preview square! via 500px

Discover the Stars by AaronGroen

It is a pity, in an age of rockets and space telescopes, that so few people have a direct acquaintance with the stars. Learning the stars and following their nightly courses across the sky brings a deep satisfaction born of familiarity with something both ancient and ageless. — Richard Berry, Discover the Stars, 1987 Prints - via 500px

Hamnøy by AlfredoCostanzo

Hamnoy near Reine...... Lofoten Islands Shot in Hamnoy near Reine, the clouds the sun as it rises in the horizon creating this amazing moment. Taken on top of a bridge with strong winds. Visit my Facebook page : My web site : via 500px

Pink Panther by TonyPrower

Ice gem on the beach at sunset during a 3 day Jökulsarlon tour. Sunset at this beautiful Iceland location... The best place in the world to photograph glacier ice via 500px

highland fairy tale II by phigun

Scotland, 2013 feel free to check out my website: follow me on: fb: youpic: flickr: or deviantart: via 500px

Way out West #3 by tommyeliassen via 500px

The Straight And Narrow by williampatino

Scripps Pier La Jolla - I drove around some of the US and Canada back in 2013 with my wife. It was a trip of a lifetime which has given us many cherished memories. One special moment was shooting sunset here at Scripps Pier. We had two nights here which coincidentally lined up with the rare time of year when, for 3 days, the sun sets directly down the pier. There were about 30 photographers here with me, all stacked on top of each other to get the shot. Such a fun time. via 500px

Black forest nature 4 by ori-wolf

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Perfect Quietness by alina___s

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Bandit In The Dark.. by oebotnen

Blue tit before bed time.. via 500px

Spin the Black Circle by andreviegas via 500px

Tender Moment by andrep1

Mother Cape fox with pup in Southern Kalahari via 500px

Forest equilibrium by stormrider

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Colors of autumn by lene-a-dandan

Looking down :-) via 500px

Moon Safari by werol

... on the road again. this misty morning was truly beautiful. roads serie. via 500px

Automn leaves by periklislaftsis

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Flowers of the Dolomites by DominikKisskalt

The picture was taken during a hike on the Bindelweg . A classic due to its glorious views of the Marmolada ( the highest mountain of the Dolomites ) . Accordingly it is very crowded. This is the view over the ridge into the flanking valley with views of the Sella Group and Passo Pordoi. (A driving heaven if you do not get stuck behind one of the many buses or caravans ) These are three exposures. One short focused on the foreground. One short exposure for the middle and one long exposure for the clouds. Thank you for your support. Follow me on: Facebook google+ flickr via 500px

Mountains of Israel by alexbredy

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Ruta dels vins - Wine route (1) by Holandes_Errant

Kaysersberg - Alsàcia - França via 500px

Epping Forest by endrekis

Epping Forest London via 500px

even in the darkest corner... by albertle

...there can be a light. via 500px

Anthocyanin Trees by Rich_Devant

**Anthocyanin Trees** SInce i've been taken so many autumn pictures, i decided to look into the science behind why leaves change color and found out it's due to Anthocyanins. This was shot in Wilmington, Delaware. via 500px

Where the Glow Goes by Pcoskun

This is quickly becoming a classic scene in the narrows, however, this might have been my favorite image from the entire day I spent in there. The way the light was reflecting on the wet canyon walls, and the glow emanating in the distance paired nicely with the swift moving waters of the virgin river. This was probably the only spot I thought I might have fallen in as the current was quite swift, but the capturing the combination of textures and light and standing in this spot were worth any price I might have paid. via 500px

Glittering frost.. by holofoten

My FB-page; Holofoten Photography Early morning before sunrise in Vesterålen, Norway. via 500px

Canfaito's Dreamer by Solarblu

colori d'autunno a Canfaito (Marche) Italia via 500px

Before Sunrise by janstria

Magic colours before sunrise in Dolomiti. What a great morning and start of the day! via 500px

Dreamland by Rjacob

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The one by GiuseppeTorre

The colors of my land, Sicily. Follow me on Facebook Please visit my site via 500px

The fog is coming in the small town by JC-Simon

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awakening by mariuszbrcz

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Lower Antelope Canyon by matthofmanphotography

This is my favorite shot from a recent trip to Lower Antelope Canyon. The light was simply amazing. © Matt Hofman Photography via 500px

A D O R A B L E A U T U M N by szabozoltan599

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Private Dance by m_jackisch

An intimate encounter with the beautiful Fairy Falls. via 500px

Dahlie by RalfMichaelKlotz

Dahlie via 500px

Enjoy by MF-Photography

I love it to stand there! It's one of my Fav Photos of myself... I hope you like it and Have a nice Day! Facebook: via 500px

Cape Schanck Pano by philnormanphoto

Cape Schanck, early morning. via 500px

Hay by horns

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A Changing of Seasons by davidleahy

Fall colors finally came alive in the Columbia River Gorge last weekend. It didn't last long as an ice storm hit the gorge this week. Hoping to get to there tomorrow to shoot some icy falls. via 500px

Dead Horse Point by davidlong3653

Dead Horse Point is one of the best viewing points of the "gooseneck" of the Colorado River. via 500px

Super Flower by DavideBenaglia

Super Flower via 500px

buzdovani by samosvoja

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Maple jumping in the sun by GaryKo

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fog layers by kogaion

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Jesienna Dębowa by Mist73

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İnfinity by masidedilekci

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Mysterious by andycowley87

Misty woods.. via 500px

The World is worth to see..... by AhmetUtgan

Apollonia Lake. via 500px

Out Of The Dark by MarcoHeisler

Taken in afternoon light on a bike trip at a forest boundary near Mechelgrün/Germany. Best on black! (click the pic or press H) If you like my work, follow me also on: Marco Heisler Photography All my work is ©opyrighted, please do not use it without my written permission. via 500px

Sunrise in the city of Murom by evgexa92

Sunrise in the city of Murom via 500px

Autumn Glory by MortezaSafataj

Mazandaran Province, Iran Please view on black. via 500px