Saturday, November 22, 2014

Split Point Lighthouse by Emmo

Great Ocean Road , Australia. via 500px

Tiger Lily by paulsikorski

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Reflection of nature by EmineYorulmaznsal

Yedigöller National Park in Bolu province, Turkey via 500px

Gradation by masaosato

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Sunrise gph... by GuidoBoccarossa

Sunrise in Tuscany... via 500px

Baltic minimum by Rericha

Photos from the Baltic coast. via 500px

November ... by serebro56

The view was so beautiful that the picture was not able to convey the beauty ... via 500px

Winter Wonderland by CHoiberg

Visit my website for prints & writing Winter is right around the corner, and the snow has now arrived in the mountains around my town. Yesterday was the first day in weeks the sunset was not grey or black, so I couldn't let the chance go away! It is still weird that the sunset is before 15.30. Say hi to me on Facebook Drop a heart on Instagram via 500px

Squid's Foot by everlookphotography

Painted Hills Oregon (Taking a brief interlude from new Zealand's North Island) Marianne's take on the details of the mountains on a golden sunset. We reminisce on the days of travelling with no children where we had ultimate freedom, then one child (as in this shot) where both of us could still attempt to take images, and to today where one of us babysits at home while the other goes out. Wouldn't have it any other way but I am in awe of the parents who choose to be outnumbered by their kin! Charlotte incidentally discovered the two mandibular tori I have in mouth (benign lumps) ....the random loveable observations of a two year old [Deviant Art Gallery] [Facebook] [Web Gallery] [Flickr] [G+] via 500px

Shore break Giant by KellyHeadrick

The surf forecast was for 20-30 feet and it was low tide so I was able to get a little closer to this wonderful shore break. North shore Oahu via 500px

October Solitude by EsmeraldaTunichtgut

To go out with the setting sun on an unique waterfall is to truly embrace your solitude... via 500px

Fire In The Sky by HakonAskerhaug

Amazing sunrise in the Assiniboine Valley. It is a long trek to get to this remote valley. That is unless you elect to use the helicopter service to the lodge nearby. This would be a shame as the 26 kilometre hike is nothing shy of spectacular. Then when one is rewarded with a morning like this, the sore legs after hauling a heavy backpack this far is quickly forgotten. via 500px

Lough Neagh by mariuskasteckas

Lough Neagh Antrim, Ireland. If you like my photography, please support me on my new facebook page ,thank you! via 500px

This is my land by rogeriocluis

This land is my land From the Caucasus to the Americas, from the red wood forest to the warm waters of the Atlantic. Above us, that endless Sky and below that Golden Valley. follow our steps, we go through the shimmering sands of deserts. When the Sun came shining, and I was walking, the wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling, in the shade of the tree, I saw my family, I was happy. This land was made for you and me. ENJOY IT. excuse my absence dear friends, I hope you enjoy this work. A great weekend for all of you via 500px

Dream of an autumn morning by Arno07

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Light of Dawn by AlanMontesanto

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Snake Entrance by eric-rousset

Copyright © Eric Rousset. All Rights Reserved. Google+ Twitter Facebook Flickr via 500px

Emerging by JokinRomero

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The valley of winds by iceflower

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The Mist by shaun36

Hope valley engulfed in mist ant sunrise via 500px

Nirvana by SimonSatria

A coincidence to shoot Nirwana Beach under a dusk, at Padang City, West Sumatra, Indonesia. via 500px

First Snow by davidearizzi

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Jesień by Mist73

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Narrows Gold by TonySpencer

Fall in the Narrows, Zion National Park. This view looked half interesting on my way up to Wall Street in the Narrows but I opted to carry on up the river. On the way back the blue sky reflecting on the wet canyon walls provided a great contrast with the foliage and the golden glow of the river and rocks. I had no idea Zion would be so spectacular and I look forward to getting back there again in the future. via 500px

Alba tra le Rovine della Diga del Gleno by mikeleross

Follow me in Facebook: Michele Rossetti Photography via 500px

Amanecer by CarlosJTeruel

via 500px

Morning view by DariuszLakomy

Morning view in Five Lakes Valley - Tatra Poland. The valley is situated in Tatra National Park at height about 1625–1900 meters above sea level. via 500px

Gold Red Rose by TJ_Hall

Images are all Copyright © Protected by Law via 500px

Sunset at the bridge by KimBorupMatzen

Sunset at the Lillebelt Bridge in Denmark via 500px

Night Park by Mihail_Morozov

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" Autumn Time XX " by JuanPavon

Thanks via 500px

Onsen Leave by olivier_shaw

A fallen Autumn leave near Kurokawa hot baths, island of Kyushu, Japan. via 500px

Once upon a time ... by szilviaaltmann via 500px

A lonely song... by emre_my

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Fusine and sunset by SimonedeCillia

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Lake by lubko79

Strbske pleso, Slovakia via 500px

[225] Riding towards the Sunset by rbid

This photo was taken in the "Rish Lakish" Mountain bike Single. HDR Composed by 3 bracketed photos. UR also invited 2C my work...If U like it, U can follow me :) via 500px

Hot desert sundown by Bob_Bittner

Taken in Arches National Park, Utah via 500px

soft flow by massimoderivo

A long exposure taken with a B+W ND 3.0 filter, it was pretty difficult to shoot in this condition, since I was placed just beneath the <80 meter high waterfall! the Waterfall is in Barbiano Alto Adige, Italy. via 500px

Cupcakes and Cotton Candy by scottyperkins

So, this image is pretty much a case study in how *not* to be in the right place with a perfect staged comp when the light goes off. Behind me there was this incredible western-facing show, totally blocked to me by tall features, and these hoodoos with this cool hovering lenticular plate were a couple hundred yards away in the east turning these amazing shades of lavender and pink. The best I could do was to put on the ol' 200mm and see if I could make an intimate out of it. So, here goes. Please view on black. via 500px

Let's Go . . . by jitawatchanpraneet

Let's Go . . . via 500px

Remember to play after every storm! by mohamedalirajab

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Squalicum Sunset by RossRoberts

Sunset at Squalicum Harbour in Bellingham, wa. via 500px

Fall by tahsingun

Bolu - Yedigoller National Park - Turkey Tahsin Gun Photography © 2014 via 500px

Oia by dltorre

Sunsent in Oia, Santorini via 500px

sun in forest by TomislavMaera

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Frozen by ThomasMayrhofer

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Sucha Kamenice by frantakrivan

Sucha Kamenice -"dry river" in Bohemian Switzerland. via 500px

"Forgotten Dream Catchers" by tatianakrylova

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Morning Stroll by holmesidepi

A Reddish Egret (Egretta rufescens) hunts for breakfast in a salt marsh pond, western Galveston Island, on the gulf coast of Texas. ______________________________ Gary Holmes, photographer: I have always loved to photograph nature, landscapes, abstract, and other found objects of interest. Although I have staged single and group portraits and still life photographs, I prefer the challenge of trying to capture the unpredictable spontaneity of things and events as they are occurring. I started with a Kodak Brownie as a child, but entered the world of real photography with a Canon AE-1 in the late 1970's. I have continued to develop my compositional and post-processing skills and have slowly acquired higher quality equipment that is now capable of putting those skills to their best use. I finally became confident enough to begin posting my work online in September 2012, and have successfully sold a number of my photographs on Fine Art America. via 500px