Saturday, November 29, 2014

Right Place, right time by chrisandf

One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, taken from one of the many piers at Hopfensee looking towards the Bavarian alps. This is a reprocessed version of a previous image. I used slightly darker tones and increased the saturation, which I think I prefer compared to the original version. via 500px

Enjoy autumn colors by HidemiKatayama

via 500px

Lake Baroon by Saadat007

Queensland, Australia via 500px

unter the bridge by soniapi06

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the last tree - startrails by KUxFOFO1

startrail-picture from yesterday night. hope you like it. via 500px

Little secrets by FelixRoeser

Hidden Creek, Utah 2014 After a really disenchanting and short visit in the totally overcroweded Zion Nationalpark we decided to find something similiar to the Narrows and Stefan had done is homework more than well, so that we could do a great hike into this lovely gorge. After one hour of walking through a wild gorge without a clear path , we had to take our shoes off and wade in the cold river for about 1mile. This view was the grand reward for our cold feet =) via 500px

Rowers emerge from the Mist by TimCarey1

Blessington Lakes Ireland. Very popular for rowing. via 500px

What I got from Mars by Goff_Kitsawad

Looking strange of rocks form alway interest me. I spent the time for 20-30 mins for walking around the site to find something that could be interesting foreground. Then spent the less time for the capturing as several exposure and foreground focusing. Thanks for viewing and liking as always. via 500px

In the night by DmitriyBaginskiy

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Good morning Bromo mountain by skazzjy

Good morning Bromo via 500px

At the end of the path by ulfjs

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Between Day and Night - Laser by igordanajlovskiphotography

Welcome to my brand new series! All pictures have been taken on the island of Gran Canaria. visit me on IF YOU LIKE THE PICTURE, PLEASE COMMENT, SHARE OR/AND LIKE IT. I highly appreciate your kind support! via 500px

Heaven by manishsankari

Didn't know I'm in heaven. Cpture from my window, camera+ used. via 500px

Serene Sunset.... by deepaklibra84

A very beautiful sunset captured today evening in Eden Prairie, Minnesota - USA. via 500px

stone wall by pboskovski

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Sunset Boulevard 2.0 by ErnstGamauf

On a cold winter day in Austria the sky full of dynamic drama looked mythic to me. The combination with the awesome sunset colors made this view unique, wonderful and visually pleasing for me. via 500px

Entangled Leaves by letiand

Entangled Leaves with texture. Press H & M :-) via 500px

White Lily by geosergey

White Lily, flower. via 500px

Airplane landing at sunset by earnesttse

Airplane landing at sunset via 500px

Sandhill Cranes with Sunset by dennischapin

Sandhill Cranes composited with the Summer Solstice Sunset via 500px

Countryside.... by VoutsChris

This is Greece... via 500px

Facing the storm by IdoMeirovich

Facing the storm, near the historic city of Jaffa via 500px

Looking through the SOUL by jenukal

Delicate Arch - Snow adds a different dimension to this wonder via 500px

Stary Lake by Shammus

Quartz Moutain, Oklahoma via 500px

The Seven by edutilos

Lower Seletar Reservoir, Singapore via 500px

And she danced... by FelixInden

...above the petrified trolls of Vik i Myrdal in Iceland. You see the rock needles? These are called Reynisdrangar and the legens tell they once were trolls that wanted to attack the land. While their attempts they got petrified and now they stand there, blown by the wind and harrased by strong waves. It was a surreal situation- the Aurora borealis was seeming to communicate with them. Wonderful moment alone on the beach! Click for information:Aurora borealis photography workshop on Lofoten 09-16.01.2015 Guides are Stian Klo and Felix Inden :) WE SPEAK: SPANISH I GERMAN I ENGLISH I NORWEGIAN Featuring LucrOit Filterholders and Formatt Hitech Filters who will give us filterholders and filters for you to learn :) Circle me on G+ :) Order fine art prints via via 500px

Never Never Land by gregityrx1

After our 700 ft descent to visit Spirit Falls the sun broke out and popped through to give me a rainbow in this magical looking waterfall. I used a 10 stop filter with a polarizer to get this long exposure to flatten out the water. via 500px

Harsh habitat by wilcowesterduin

Bare rock, fierce Atlantic waves, salt water: rough conditions for these plants. But they love their own harsh habitat! Long exposure, taken near St. Jean de Luz in France. via 500px

The Knights of the Green Sea by Structor

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Horseshoe Bend by jackisoikis

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Reflections in the fog by FabioVolpe

© Fabio Volpe, all rights reserved. via 500px

Novohal Cove by figuss33

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Antelope Mountains by marklseawell

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Don't Pay by TonyPrower

Please refuse the fee to access this beautiful Iceland location. Demand access to see the nature. Dodged and burned onto my sensor with magic cloth long exposure. Use the Magic Cloth Technique on an Iceland Winter Workshop. via 500px

Moon over Gantrisch... by darnok73

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[HDR] Crystal Pool by BananTarr

From Matanuska Glacier, AK via 500px

Sicilian Emerald by LoriFullFrame

tooked by the Stair of the Turks, a strange and beautiful smooth white rock which getting on the Mediterranea Sea via 500px

On The rocks by athanasopoulos_andreas

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donibane lohitzune by kiminurfoto

Hi everybody! This is my first pic after one year and a half out of the office. I hope you like it. via 500px

Durdle Door Moonrise by OllieTaylor

Moonrise at Durdle Door Dorset Landscape via 500px

Buttermere early summer morning. by davebyford

Buttermere, the English Lake District, one early morning in August. via 500px

LIGHT by rosiradeva

LIGHT via 500px

Next Generation. by johansphotos

Fun in the snow. via 500px

Blinded By the Light by bobrdakota

Red wing blackbirds massing before heading south for the winter via 500px

[ aurora lighthouse ] by DERYK1968

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Forest path by Toontjeton

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Layers by maljaberi

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Find My Way Back by Pcoskun

Likely the last of the Zion stuff for some time. This is another image from the subway area of the park. This is the scene that one would see directly behind the famous tunnel for which the location is famous for. I might even like this view more than the glowing walls for its colors, shapes, and patterns. It is another reason I want to return to this spot in the future. via 500px

Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, part 2 by SimonTidd

Kangaroo Point cliffs. via 500px

3660 by peterholmeiii

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