Saturday, December 6, 2014

There was Fall... by anatoliyurb

Pocono, Pennsylvania, USA, Mountains Springs Lake. via 500px

Rocks everywhere by Lluisdeharo

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White-breasted Nuthatch by EddieYuPhotography

Captured at a local city park. New York City. via 500px

Sunbeam through the window by jmatzerath

There was this sunbeam peaking through the clouds. via 500px

LOFOTEN REFLECTIONS by johnnymyrenghenriksen

Hi guys :) Here is a shot from back in April :) Moody sunset taken at Hamnøya just outside Reine in Lofoten :) Hope you like it :) Johnny :) via 500px

Peyto Surprise by AdamGibbs

The all time classic view of Peyto Lake in Banff National Park. The hardest part about taking this image was fending myself from the coach loads of tourists. Luckily I had my trusted photo companion to keep them at bay. via 500px

Rain is coming by Tramont_ana

Sunset in the Broken Coast. via 500px

Portovenere by Matteo_Sala

Blue hour via 500px

No Title by stillstand

more pictures on this page: via 500px

Candy Land by MarkMetternich

Taken during one of my Southwest WORKSHOPS, about a week ago. On this evening, shooting side by side my client, we were welcomed by some of the weirdest light we both had seen in a while. What made it all the more exciting for us is that the light combined with one of our favorite compositions in the area (I have been targeting this spot for about 6-7 years now). I don’t pull out my camera to photograph very often while leading workshops (except as a teaching tool mainly to show techniques) but on this particular occasion my client graciously invited me. :) Processing techniques are shared on my growing number of Post Production Training Videos found on my website HERE. As always, please feel free to Facebook me HERE. Thank you very much for looking, and great light to you! :) via 500px

Sunset by jongate7

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Taiwan Yehliu Geopark by coolspider

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Shades of Rock Run by ShawnGrenninger

Ralston, PA via 500px

Swiss Jura by TorstenKrietsch

Autumn on Belchenflue in Switzerland via 500px

La lumière à l'extrémité du tunnel by michonielsen

La lumière à l'extrémité du tunnel via 500px

predawn stillness by brujita

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Summer's Glow by brandondean1

Gibson's Step and the world famous 12 Apostiles. via 500px

Burning Sunrise by ilteo79

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flowers.. by adlerman


Golden Ore Mountains by andrmoel

The Ore Mountains in Germany are illuminated by the last light of the day. via 500px

Winter morning magic by HidetoshiKikuchi

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It's A New Day by DebbieTubridy

30 of them to be exact ... is precisely what my daughter will have off to finally relax, rest, unwind, and breathe as she successfully completed her 2nd semester of PA school. This image is dedicated to her. :-) Taken at the Deering Estate in Cutler Bay, Miami. Can you imagine having a view like this? BLOG WEBSITE via 500px

Autumn in Ahrntal by picspassion

Thank you so much for your comments,likes and favs! Press H&M,please! Have a wonderful weekend! via 500px

***Evening colors*** by MAG180

my peaceful and warm sunset via 500px

Sunset at Corona Delmar by dslr101

Photo: Banh Mi via 500px

Delicate Arch After Sunset by BabbittPhoto

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Kramer sunrise by brad_hays

A blast of sun exploded through the sky while on the Kramer overlooking Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. We were treated to a wonderful sunset that night and woke up a few hours later to experience this intense light. Meanwhile my buddy was snoring in his sleeping bag. Early bird got the worm this day. I would love for you to follow my 500px page and give me feedback. via 500px

little stoney creek by LieveMarchal

little stoney creek at Peaks of Otter, Blue Ridge Parkway via 500px

In to the desert by nsjuma

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Out of the mist... by k03eleven

Location: Zaanse Schans, Noord-Holland, Netherlands follow me: facebook via 500px

Colors of Nature by XeeShanCh

Please join my page via 500px

"Tjernet" by theotriadafillos

I take this in Maridalen Oslo in November. Wonderful walk in the forest hope you enjoy via 500px

Frozen land by weather-photosNET

Frozen land under deep hard rime + black ice thickness at Javornik, Slovenia on Dec 3rd, 2014. Up to 10cm have accumulated on the ground, trees, roads and powerlines. Weather calendars 2015: via 500px

Look! by arifunsal

Yedigöller National Park in Bolu province, Turkey via 500px

Four Physical States of Water by MaximilianMesch

Cold summer night at the Hooker Valley. I was waiting there for some hours to get this shot, because I had to wait for the moon to appear behind the mountains of the Mount Cook area. via 500px

Autumn walks by Maggie_Photography

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the cold touch of winter by BirgitPittelkow

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Sam Clam's Disco by jazure

The fog and holiday lights gave us a wonderful show last night here in San Francisco. Up on Twin Peak, a few of us were shooting away for hours as the fog ebbed and flowed around the buildings downtown. via 500px

timeless... by Olivier-Eric

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Red crimson vermilion scarlet by Akihiro_Satoh

During one year, it is the most colorful season in autumn. I expressed such an autumn red. This is Japanese red. via 500px

Sian Ka'an by ToddWall

Heading out for bone fish on the flats. via 500px

Evening Colors by elmarl65

Beautiful summer sunset over the Strait of Georgia. Image was taken from Neck Point Park, located within the city limits of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. via 500px

in the park by PHOTONellaBernardi

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Outdoor beaming (find Scotty) by johnbeckers

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the other side by dgadventurespnw

from this past july. glad winter is here as I am ordering some MSR lightning ascents :) via 500px

Hut at Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam by anujak

This photo was shot from Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam. It's one of the biggest place of mountain rice field which located in the north of Vietnam. via 500px

*** by pasha777

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Winter Frost by sodthis2

Sunrise on the First Frost of the year. Taken in Bristol UK. via 500px

Moon Bend by jamesbian

Jingsha River, up stream of Yangzi River, making a huge180 turn. A bus driving alone the road on the belt looks like a lego box. The river also serves as the boundary of Sichuan province and Yunnan Province. I am standing in Yunnan and the view is on Sichuan province. via 500px

DawnofLight by abeblair

This location has eluded me for many years. I would show up to the spot and the clouds would usually run away or be way to thick to produce a good composition. Even the night before this was taken there was a massive rain and lightning storm that kept me hunkered in my tent hoping everything would just hold together. Waking up in the predawn darkness to a perfectly still morning with fast moving clouds over head seemed almost to good to be true. The clouds though moving fast seemed endless and not likely to produce an amazing sunrise. Choosing to shoot a longer 5 minute exposure I hoped to draw the small amount of color that was happening out and get it to pick up on the clouds. With only time for one shot I know this was risky but I had to give it a try. Success!!! I was so happy to see what was captured on the back of my camera after I waited for the ICNR. via 500px