Saturday, December 20, 2014

Garden Waterfall by santafegls

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the park... by Olivier-Eric

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A Long Walk Home by lazydesperados

As I walk down that old country road somewhere in between those corn fields. I hear them calling out my name. Walking in the footsteps of my fathers. This ain't no place for a restless heart. Wondering what they would think of me. As I take that long and lonely walk home. -Lazy Desperados- via 500px

The Cabin by Cpt

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sunrise by ayed_al_ajme_

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Pink Flowers by susanchen1989

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Elves by DWD-

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Christmas trees... by Pistollock

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Guardians by jafreeman

Long-dead camel thorn trees at the Dead Vlei clay pan, Namibia via 500px

Withstand by RHMiller

What is it that makes some sandstone stronger than that surrounding it? Why would some be strong enough to resist the mighty forces placed against it and not give way to the constant pressure and wear and tear? All I know is that when something or someone is strong and able to withstand and persevere, they can, with time... change the course of the forces around them. Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River. via 500px

Southern Skies by GreggB

I decided to reprocess this shot. The one I posted, wow, almost a year ago now, had some areas I wanted to improve. This one looks a touch better in my opinion, but still nothing I'd get with a start tracker I didn't have at the time. This is a single 30 seconds exposure. Mountains have been illuminated (for just a few seconds) by the raising Moon at first hidden behind the mountain to the right (not visible on the picture), hence the light and better than I expected exposure of Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy. I'm heading down there again in April with my astotrack and bigger telephoto lens. Looks like the high ISO noisy 30 seconds exposures are over ;-) View it on a black background. Click Here if you want to go with me, and take similar shots! via 500px

pond sunset again by BKKoomler

This shot was taken at some ponds located in Boise Idaho. It is a beautiful location in the center of town, and with the stormy weather of late, the sunsets have been fantastic to watch. The light changes by the minute, and every shot is drastically different. This particular shot was interesting, because the sun was behind a band of clouds behind me, and I was trying to find some good light to capture. All of the sudden, the sun dropped just below the clouds, and everything became a rich golden color. It lasted no more than two or three minutes, so I just captured the shot where I stood, and this is what came out. via 500px

When I Grow Up by digitalamir

I lone mushroom on a post. via 500px

Hinteres Raubschloss by MD_Pic

Saxon Switzerland via 500px

Dreamy Day by crazyaboutnature

Cruising all over the Palouse finding comps isn't as easy as one would think. Hundreds of if not thousands of miles of gravel and dirt backroads criss-cross Eastern Washington and Idaho. There are some real gems if you look hard. This shot wasn't so hard to find, in fact it was right along side of one of the highways. I passed this right up...then it took about a mile to process whether to stop and turn around to look a bit more at this long rolling fence line. The "Simpsons" clouds couldn't have been more perfect either. via 500px

shivering silence by pietflour

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Ivinghoe Beacon Sunset by JamieWhite1

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Another world by georg_essl

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Ancient City by Piti_saelim

old pagoda in BAGAN, MYANMAR via 500px


En la provincia de León hay cientos de hayedos, pero que al de Ciñera de Gordon le hayan otorgado el premio al bosque más cuidado de España no es de casualidad... Es una maravilla. El invierno tiene su encanto, aunque estos parajes cobran todo su esplendor en otoño, dos meses atrás, cuando mantienen abundantes hojas de diferentes tonos en sus ramas, aunque me fue imposible fotografiarlo en esa época, el próximo año quizás... via 500px

Destination by alexriek

Best viewed on a black background (press 'H' then 'M'). Feel free to follow me on FACEBOOK or to visit my WEBSITE via 500px

Twilight in Tavira by joaomartinho63

Tavira is one of the most charming towns in Algarve - Portugal. The river Gilao crosses the town, both sides are linked by bridges. The most famous one is a medieval bridge right at the historical centre as seen in the picture. via 500px

Cracks by rodge

Al Karaana via 500px

Alone by JuricsAbac

Al wakra mangroves via 500px

Ellengant takeoff by designdragos

As the first rays of light touch the water in the Danube Delta, an elegant grey heron takes off to start a new day. via 500px

rougegorge 2 by cdneufville

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Transported by sysaworld

Its a very windy and cold day in the Alps, im preparing myself to spend some hours here taking pictures in what will be an unforgettable night sky. Some snow wind-transported patterns suggest me to stop here for the sunset, so i use the perfect sunburst of my wide angle to warm a little those waves in front of me. Temperature is going down, will I survive all the night outside in company of a minus twenty degrees? I will show you with the next shot ! via 500px

Ice, rock and reflection by geosergey

Baikal Lake ice and reflection. via 500px

castle Ehrenberg by rolfmarke

This is the view we are waiting at the moment. This is a picture from last winter. via 500px

Simply Beautiful * by odetteholty

sunsetting behind the Newport Bridge….the colors were simply astounding. via 500px

Drift Wood by shanetreynolds via 500px

Cornflowers field by Lesiv

Summer evening in the field via 500px

River Una by DenisBasich

The most beautiful river in the world. via 500px

the road to by mariodemarzi

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Are You A Highly Sensitive Person Or In A Relationship With One? | Maria Hill | YourTango

Are You A Highly Sensitive Person Or In A Relationship With One? | Maria Hill | YourTango

This Place by leireunzueta

Barrika, Basque Country via 500px

Despertar by iban

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Iris domestica(범부채). by JAMES-CORY

범부채는 붓꽃과의 여러해살이 초본식물로 학명은 Belamcanda chinensis이다. 사간(射干)이라고도 한다. 2005년의 DNA 염기서열 분석 결과에 따라서, 범부채속(Belamcanda)의 유일종 범부채(Belamcanda chinensis)는 붓꽃속(Iris)으로 옮겨져 학명이 Iris domestica로 바뀌었다. via 500px

Shadows by Baroness

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Watchful Eye Web by undersoulphotography

During a night camping under the peak of Ben Lomond we were followed by about 7 Kea, they provided the perfect subjects to shoot with some epic landscape behind! I was only about 1.5m away from this guy for this shot, so cool! via 500px

Fire by ElenaPardini1

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Forest dawn by Family-Man

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Autumn. by manelproject

Image taken with long exposure to capture the movement of leaves with color in the background of the image, taking advantage of existing light breeze. via 500px

Cuernos del Paine by PAkDocK

Sunset on a stormy day at Cuernos del Paine, Chile. Because bad weather is good photography weather, sometimes a ray of light between the clouds can give a more dramatic image than plain sunny daylight. The reward is way better with all the cold, rain and suffering!! Regards Chile, May 2013 ------------------------------------------------------------ Atardecer en los Cuernos del Paine, Chile. Tras un día de tormenta, la luz se coló entre las nubes, dando volumen al macizo de los Cuernos. La recompensa mereció la pena y el frío. Mayo 2013, Chile via 500px

Dye by YasunoriTomori

Maple dyed in autumn colors. via 500px

Brown throated Sunbird by Firstbird

Brown-throated sunbird (Anthreptes malacensis), about 14cm is also known as the plain-throated sunbird, in the Nectariniidae family. It is found in a wide range of semi-open habitats in south-east Asia, ranging from Myanmar to Philippines. This shot was taken in Singapore at forest near our Pierce reservoir. via 500px

Contrasting by Jormungand

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