Saturday, January 10, 2015

Warm-Up by joergbonner

Please make sure to click on the image or hit the H-key to view it on a black background. Yesterday I came to the conclusion that all my previous attempts of processing this shot from 2012 were basically crap. Did a nightly reprocess which I finished off today. My sincere apologies to those of you who where unfortunate enough to view any of the earlier versions! website | blog | facebook | google+ via 500px

hope ` by shareef26

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Mt. Dickerman Summit by gabigabs111

Summit of Mount Dickerman in North Cascades on a partly sunny day. via 500px

First light by iliasvarelas

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ra gusela by gianmarcoschena

dawn from Col Piombin - Giau Pass please view with black background via 500px

Pink spines by hidekiokoty0530

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lake reflections by JhomesyAgard

Thanks for dropping by here -- Hope you like! My dear friends, I will answer each one of you after, because I'm experiencing Internet issues today. T:hanks so much for this warm support! via 500px

Monti Sibillini by giuseppepeppoloni

Paesaggio - Monti Sibillini via 500px

Raabjerg Mile II by riddervupti

We are in an area with a special light - Skagen Light Long explore with Lee filter. via 500px

10 de enero 2015 by pepelu62

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White Birch by alexandrborisov1

Birch trees in a city Park. January 2015. via 500px

Waiting for the Sun... by bahutofotografia

Waiting for the Sun... via 500px

Golden time by hf1900

OLYMPUS M.12-40mm F2.8 via 500px

Uplifting by parisa049

It is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult...choose your words wisely. Thank you for your support and kind words . via 500px

End of a cold day by cresendephotography

First upload of 2015 with a little color to "warm up" the spirit and make up for the travel. Happy 2015 ! Filtres Used: Lee Proglass ND 0.9 + Lee GND 0.9 HE Visit My Personal Site or follow me in Facebook via 500px

The moon again... by GianlucaEpirotti

The moon again... via 500px

'Srike A Pose" by scottevers7

A male Northern Cardinal perched with his plumage all plumped up to hold in body heat with the temp. below zero at the time. via 500px

Bee At Work by shadys

Added tilt shift up and down plus a littel nice flare... via 500px

Oléron by sebphoto42

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Winter by Merisoniom

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Swallowtail by cafagna

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Plume. by floraz

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The three magnificent by morenogeremetta_it

2015 © Moreno Geremetta Clickalps Official Photographer Follow me & FB page The three magnificent | One of the most photographed landscape in the Dolomites, the three peaks of Lavaredo. via 500px

cartolina dal passato by sabrinasecco

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December by ginaups

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Sunrise at Jaffa by Roni_Burla

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Iguazu Falls by DanMontalbano

Looking down on the corner of the Devil’s Throat from the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls, one of the largest and most impressive waterfalls in the world. Water volumes were ten times higher than average when I visited which is why the river color is so murky. via 500px

Snowdrops by edzerdla

Galanthus nivalis, the snowdrop. Snowdrops are among the first bulbs to bloom in spring and can form impressive carpets of white in areas where they are native or have been naturalised. Schneeglöckchen, eine sehr ungewöhnliche Heilpflanze. Es war lange nicht als Heilpflanze bekannt. Im Kaukasus wird das dortige Schneeglöckchen (Galanthus woronowii) jedoch schon lange in der Volksheilkunde verwendet. Die alten Menschen essen die Zwiebeln gegen Alterserscheinungen und Gedächtnisschwäche. Kinder, die an Kinderlähmung erkrankt sind, werden mit einem Tee aus den Zwiebeln behandelt. Bei so behandelten Kindern hinterlässt die Kinderlähmung gewöhnlich keine dauerhaften Schäden. Die Schneeglöckchen-Wirkstoffe, Galanthamin genannt, ist in der Lage, die Folgen von Alzheimer deutlich zu lindern, wenn auch die Grunderkrankung nicht zu heilen. Auch gegen neuralgische Schmerzen kann man Galantamin einsetzen. Heilwirkung: Alzheimer, Gedächtnisstörungen, Kinderlähmung, Nervenschmerzen, Trigeminus Neuralgie, Myasthenie (Muskelschwäche). Volkstümliche Namen: Hübsches Februar-Mädchen, Kleines Schneeglöckchen, Lichtmessglöckchen, Lichtmessglocken, Marienkerzen, Milchblume, Schnee-Durchstecher, Weiße Jungfrau. ( via 500px

Manarola in frame by AlfredoPastorino

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Dusk flavour ! by DrShanab via 500px

Morning Star by All4Nature

Hello Friends, ( Shines In BLACK) Sunrise shoots arent fun and I am learning it the hard way. You plan the place, weather conitionds, tide, cloud cover, sleep early, put the alarm on, bag packed and pray for all these things to fall into place for that one moment. But please never forget the anti-repellant.. And when the conditions are like this, you forget it all. A hide and seek sunrise from Mackay from last month. The actual sunrise was a little dull but the cloud cover on the horizon kept me busy. The sun was out but after somtime gone again and thats when the play started. I picked a spot, remote release on and fired to get the right shutter speed. Needed a 0.9 soft grad+ 0.3 hard grad to get a balance. Hope you like it as much as I liked shooting there.(except for the bug company) Enjoy the Light.. via 500px

Red sunset by ManuelGuillenAbad

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Mojacar (Almería) by indeusimages

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The catch by MohammedEl-Gammal

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The best by Jaumedarenys

Perito Moreno - El Calafate - Argentina, desembre de 2014. via 500px

Deer crossing by bogdanbotofei

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Burg Hohenzollern im Nebel by Twixelpixx_Fotografie

Burg Hohenzollern im Nebel am 30. November 2014 via 500px

Pasture with lake view by AlfredoCostanzo

A flock of sheep grazing the last strands of grass, before the snow arrives Follw me : web site : via 500px

Smooth by Daphobia

It was a warm and smooth day .. had a great time shooting .. via 500px

Magic mountain by Nomad70

Autumn hiking... via 500px

Red Torch Ginger by DJLee

While in Hawaii, I saw some wonderful flowers growing in the woods. This is a red torch ginger flower, also known as a porcelain rose. I thought it had a kind of regal if slightly undisciplined beauty. via 500px

Flower 4 by AliciaCollins

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Ghostly Coast by candacebartlett

Black & white landscape images probably don't receive quite as much attention on here, but I thought I would share this one anyhow. This was taken on a gloomy, stormy day at Cape Kiwanda last winter. While there was no colorful light to speak of that evening, I thought that the dramatic wave action and misty, spooky sort of atmosphere made for an interesting transfer to black and white. Best of viewed on a darker background. Thank you for taking a look. Prints available on my website: via 500px

[...horizons IV] by Lefineart

Sunrise at the old Pier of Zingst, at the german Baltic Sea. via 500px

strom by marek900rr

Starý známy... via 500px

Sprinkled by JP55

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Mr. Ham by Bertman

Looking for food via 500px

Lonely house at the lake by hanskrusephotography

This photo was shot during the Dolomites West September 2014 photo workshop. via 500px

Lotus flower at sunrise by ArjunaSomaskandan

Took these images in the pond in front of Ankor Wat as the sun was rising. The crowds were staring at building waiting to catch a glimps of the sun as it rose over the building. But i notice in the ponds located in front this grand building hundreds and hundreds of lotus flowers were blooming . It was amazing to watch as a few minutes before the pond was just green without any flowers. Hope you enjoy the image. via 500px

Hope Is Never Lost by PhilKoch

Wisconsin Horizons by Phil Koch. Lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. via 500px