Saturday, January 24, 2015

friendship in the line by ccline

Taken cloth by Smart Phone Camera, editing in Photoshop CS6 via 500px

Red Sea by ManuelGuillenAbad

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Winterwonderland II by SonjaL via 500px

Abbraccio fra terra e mare by kikko87ca

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Dragonfly and yellow flowers by hidekiokoty0530

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Dead calm by Ahmedsth

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rose by bthottoli

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Farmer woman Laos ( Thakhek ) by LBSphotography

I found a marvelous road in Laos. I did the 3 days loop around Thakhek ( more than 600km in 3 days on a small motorbike ). I did this picture the third day after 50km under heavy rain (on my "mopet" and after visiting the Konglor cave. When i came back from the cave in the other direction , the wether was amazing . Sunny and foggy at the same time . All the people took advantage of the sun to start to work outside. It was the best photographic time of my life : 50km of kids playing / working / fishing in the rice fields. Old woman , beautiful Laotian girls and strong workers were feet in the water to plant the rice . You can see the video of my travel on this link : And you can follow me on Facebook : I'm going soon all around South America. via 500px

Sunset on costa brava by jrispau

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***** by naveengunda via 500px

Here comes the sun by Britta_Hilpert

Between fog and sunlight... via 500px

Flying V by HidetoshiKikuchi

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Winter morning at Worlds End by hildeairin

This is not far from my hometown, where I grew up! Some weeks ago I visited my Family, and drove early one morning to Worlds End! It was horrible Cold that morning...... my hands were frozen stiff! Hope you like it! Wish you a wonderful weekend :o)) If you are interested in the story of Tower .... you can look at my photo called ... End of the World ...and read the story! via 500px

On the Backside by Snas1

On the last day of October I shot this clover down by the lake. Due to the warm Autmn we had it had been standing strong and colorful until the frost came and gave it one last chance to shine in its new coat. Djiiz! It sounds far more glamorous than it was when you put it like that. Like a flamboyant cousin of David Attenborough after a zip to much of the old Sherry bottle. via 500px

Lotus. by Didacdo

Blooming lotus. via 500px

There is Hope by ccelentano10

A cold January sunset over Lake Pend Oreille looking toward the looming Green Monarch Mountains and the South end of the lake. This was taken at the mouth of the Clark Fork Delta between Clark Fork and East Hope, Idaho. via 500px

Sand Rocks by EdErglis

Walk way to Sand Dunes Arch, Moab, Utah, Arches National Park. via 500px

Snowy Seljalandsfoss by rogeran1021

Time goes around 12am and the sun starts to show some smile. via 500px

Winter emotions by urosdemsar

The light needs to travel from the Sun to the Earth 8 minutes and 12 (± 8) seconds, from the Sun to Pluto travels 5 hours, 28 minutes and 45 seconds. The Sun has collected 99.8% of the total mass of the solar system. The remainder of the estate is mostly located in Jupiter, only a small part has shared all the other celestial bodies of the Solar System. In terms of size among the top 10% of the stars in our galaxy. The Earth orbits the Sun at an ellipse. Closest to the Sun in Perihelion around the second of January each year 147.1 million kilometers. Around the second day of July is the most distant from it. Point call Aphelion, distance 152.6 million kilometers. The sun is in the winter 5,5 milion kilometers closer than in the summer. via 500px

drift ice by thalerst

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Just above Chantara Waterfall, Cyprus by Jokerf1

These waterfalls are just above the popular Chantara waterfall near Phoini village in Cyprus. You just have to follow an additional path that leads you upwards from the main Waterfall. It was totally worth it going there and i took the advantage of 1-2 minutes of sunlight that illuminated the upper part of these waterfalls giving the scene more magic feel. Chantara waterfalls (Xantara) which are found on the river of Trooditissa (Diplos Potamos) at the Fini village and they are part of the state forest. The water falls down from a height of 8 meters. The falls are about 3.5 Km from the Trooditissa Monastery and if you are driving from Kato Platres, at the end of the Fini village you should see a sign for the Chantara waterfall on your right. Chantara waterfalls are reachable by cars and saloon cars can also go there. I hope you enjoy what you see. Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice weekend. via 500px

Hobby by ginaups

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Northern harrier by HenczJudit

Kékes rétihéja via 500px

take a picture, please! by jmmaondmoon

i think this Robin loves to be in front of my DSLR via 500px

Twilight by smassadi

Give me a favour and view on dark background please! This is a shot of Queenstown, New Zealand at dusk. I was tricked by the term,"summer" in Queenstown and dressed lightly for that evening. The temperature went down to near zero up on the Skyline Deck and I was freezing by the end. I stayed as long as I could tolerate to catch the city light. This is the last shot that I took on that day. Anyway, hope that you like it. Have a nice weekend all... Cheers, Sam via 500px

Stained Glass by skifast25

Please view it in black! via 500px

Burning Sky by rondajorda241

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Show me the Way by AnnaWinterstein

This is a picture of Jupiter towering above the Milky Way. I had to freeze outside between 1am and 2 am in order to take all the necessary pics, but La Palma is famed for its clear skies, and when you look at the picture, you understand why: there are more stars that I could ever count. The end result is a composite of over 30 different pictures, which were stacked in Deep Sky Stacking so as to get more signal in the stars, then stitched in Hugin to create the panoramic view. via 500px

Myst by edelmohr

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Clematis by memba

Clematis sind im Herbst und Winter an wilden Büschen und Sträuchern sehr oft zu sehen. via 500px

The lake by azzijb

The lake after two weeks of rain! via 500px

sunbeam by GiuseppeRizza

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Guards Lapland ... by Valtsu

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Winter Day by jaromiscevic

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my land my sea my sky by antonediana

scorcio della mia sardegna via 500px

Solitary rock by alvar_astulez

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cosmos.001 by joe_lai

cosmos.001 via 500px

Sunrise on the road by QuimRafel

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U TURN by Bsam

The first break of light at the Owen valley - California. Please Press H and M for a BETTER View. I'm greatly appreciated for your comment in advance. via 500px

La Laguna by Tramont_ana

La Laguna from Burano. Venice. via 500px

...hamnoya reflection... by Mark_Hillen

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RePete by cwexplorationphotography

++view on black++ I've never been all that happy with my images from Gorton Creek mainly because I could never capture the water texture the way I had really wanted to. This time around I played around a lot with shutter speed to see how much detail and texture I could pull out of the creek. I settled for a 0.4 second exposure and really tried to convey the mood I felt out there. It was an overcast and fairly dreary day for the most part with sun breaks here and there so I decided to make this one a bit more moody. Hope you guys enjoy it! And oh yeah, the Seahawks are going back to the Superbowl!!! Gorton Creek, OR Prints: Website Facebook via 500px

[ icy lagoon in sunset ] by Oliver_Schratz

Iceland - Jökulsarlon Lagoon © Oliver Schratz | via 500px

don't let me be misunderstood by honjo1

grooving around, feeling like the music from joe cocker, enjoying the winter sun and the beloved trees. a good recipe against the winter blues, hope you can enjoy your weekend, cheers from lower franconia Ralf via 500px

La Génération Perdue by lazydesperados

J'ai attendu une dizaine d'années pour une opportunité. Juste pour me rendre compte que les portes sont fermées pour des gens de la génération perdue.... -Lazy Desperados- via 500px

Ocaso en Banyoles by mariluzrodriguezalvarez

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Emerald Sky by WaitForIt

The aurora borealis above the Lyngen Alps in Troms, Norway. Capture during the midnight hours January 22nd 2015. What do you think about the square crop? via 500px

The Fairy Tale by info267 via 500px

Road to Winterland by Tompakk

Icy road on a cold winter day (-28 C) above the Arctic Circle on an empty road outside Gällivare, Lapland, Sweden. Here you can actually feel the power of the nature and how small you are as a human being. via 500px

FREEDOM by elenajoland1

freedom via 500px