Saturday, January 31, 2015

Just a sunset by rgr1511

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Marbled egg by fxkito2

Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools. - Napoleon Bonaparte via 500px

white tulips by seyorhan via 500px

Cold Hunger.... by paulkeates

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true love by Redbros

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The Great Confluence by TrevorAnderson

I decided to give this image of Haifoss a revisit under my newest workflow. I love the accentuated colors of this canyon during overcast conditions. Anyways, excuse all the reposting and my various fumblings as I attempt to reanimate in the image as much drama as I remember witnessing at the scene. Sort of throwing out a lucky rabbit's foot in hopes this will break me out of my 500px funk I have been in over the last handful of images. via 500px

Two elephants doing a mock battle as Egyptian geese fly overhead at sunset by dianarobinson

Two elephants doing a mock battle as Egyptian geese fly overhead and Thomson's gazelles graze at sunset, Amboseli National Park, Kenya, East Africa via 500px

Light Fairy by Photography_J_Original

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Castaway by Andrewdeerphoto

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Morning at Millabedda, Sri Lanka by udithawix

This beautiful scene was about 10-15 minutes drive from my place. via 500px

Iceland farm by RichieJ1

After a night of torrential rain I was out early to catch the ever changing skies in Northern Iceland. via 500px

This Glittering Band by eriksiekkinen

What you seek is seeking you ---Rumi via 500px

Frozen Dream v.2 by Andrea_Belussi

- Frozen Dream v.2 - via 500px

Algerian Arch Angels IV by MarselvanOosten

Last month I was Highly Commended in the Travel Photographer Of The Year Awards for a series of images that I shot in Algeria. This is the fourth image from that series. The first image is here, as well as some background info. The Sahara is constantly changing - the sand goes where the wind goes. As a result, the dunes are always on the move. In some areas entire rock formations have been swallowed by the sand, in others you can still witness this happening - like in this shot. The guy on top of the arch is one of our crew. - - - If you're interested in joining us on one of our photo tours, please check out my website for more tour dates, images, video clips, and more: Squiver Photo Tours & Workshops Marsel WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER ©2015 Marsel van Oosten, All Rights Reserved. This image is not available for use on websites, blogs or other media without the explicit written permission of the photographer. via 500px

Mont Saint-Michel at Dawn by konsha

Mont Saint-Michel, France via 500px

S E N T I N E L by tpoulton001

As a landscape photographer we all have our bogy location that no matter how many times you visit it just doesn't come together and then someone else comes along and nails it first time. Norah Head Lighthouse has been one of those location for me but on this occasion everything just hooked up with dramatic clouds and sweet golden light caressing the scene!. Would love to hear about your bogy location. Your appreciation is always welcomed! via 500px

Oukeimeden by aminefassi

Morocco - High Atlas - Oukaimeden via 500px

Vesturhorn Mountain by KenjiYamamura

Vesturhorn Mountain at Iceland. Taken by Nikon D810 via 500px

Scenic beauty... by rfkdmr

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Morning Sunshine by PhamThanhTung3003

Muong Khuong, Vietnam <3 via 500px

Nuvolari a Castelluccio by AndreaJCeroni

Castelluccio di Norcia. Check & free download my photos Andrea Ceroni Wildlife & Nature Photography From Italy. If you wont contact me and share my work. Press: M Maximize H Focus F11 Fullscreen via 500px

Harbor Lights by ljbanks

Aurora over Cordova, Alaska via 500px

Fog in WHU by SPike_Chen

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With the look trapped in the web. by miguelsilva

Spider web in a tree on a foggy morning. via 500px

Web Lighting ! by trivedidarshan

Full Web Illuminating in the morning light ! with colourful flares and bokeh ! via 500px

Good morning by Branko_Frelih

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The coast of Porvoo - Finland by johnsson

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To be or not to be by Jaumedarenys

Perito Moreno - El Calafate - Argentina, desembre de 2014 via 500px

/ / by tizgrs

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low cloud by Benjamine

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Chalkhill Blue by stevemackayphotography

A little Chalkhill Blue butterfly, perched on a Scabious flower head, taken last Summer, thanks for looking, cheers. via 500px

Power Canyon I by photographertech1

At sunset the pageant closes amid splendors that seem more than earthly. …The sun draws what the photographer hopes .. via 500px

Borðoyavík by joanpetur

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Seal Rock Cosmos by alan_howe

One of the all time best sunsets I've caught at the coast. The "all time" list continues to grow and I count my blessings for each one I am able to witness. For me it's one of those reminders that the best shots often come from locations not far from the door step. I remember pulling up the webcam and seeing these amazing clouds, grabbing my gear and just going for it. When I arrived the sky was way more wicked cool than I had hoped and the conditions just kept getting better. I've seen so many more surreal sunsets and sunrises than I've captured on camera. You think well that's a no brainer but really it's a big deal. For so many years I just plain didn't observe the sky and fine light during those times of day.... for so many years before I became a photographer. And still, so many people don't see this when it's right in front of them. For example I feel so lucky when I am driving into work on the freeway and the sky is filled with amazing colors and light. I just ignore all of the people riding my bumper and passing me like I'm standing still while I sip my coffee and try to take it all in. Maybe if they were able to see it too, then they would slow down and take it in also instead of being such hostile road warriors. Ironically I count so many cars and trucks that pass me and that I catch up to by the time I get into town. There they are sitting in a line of traffic just ahead of me by maybe 20 or 30 seconds. via 500px

My Dream... by urselgraumann

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Folkepark by Besmellah

Sørstrand folkepark- Flora - Norway. via 500px

In the footsteps of Fairy Tales+ by taniakoleska

In the middle of a foggy forest in Greece. via 500px

Sunshine by kumarimousam via 500px

a by PaoloAlbergamo

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* * * reaching to the sky * * * by nhviet84

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Provence by renaud_laffontas

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Off we go by joshibobby

Cormorant fishermen in Xingping | Guilin. Find me on :-


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A Winter's Blaze by DanHolmes1

High clouds from a southern storm sent a blaze of color over the Santa Barbara Channel. The evening sky turned from a subtile pop of color into a brilliant brush of orange, pink, and red. The high clouds continued to glow long after the sun dropped below the horizon. via 500px

- by HenczJudit

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~~~Complete~~~ by marcelschiegg

PHOTOGRAPHY - "NatureIsMyReligion" © Art GallerY ElDorado -Drawing and PhotographY- NIKON CORPORATION THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LIKES AND COMMENTS feel free to share my photos on your FB page via 500px

McClure Pass Aspens by natezeman via 500px

Snuggle up by kg_2011

I found foxtail grass with tiny water drops in the field at early misty morning. via 500px

Morning Reflection by NengahSujana

Sunrise at Sanur Beach Bali Indonesia via 500px

Touch of green II by RetoSavoca

Joekulsarlon - a really amazing place - not only for photographers... the aurora was very weak but still fantastic to watch over that magnificent scenery. No sound was to be heard - except for the occasional splash when a seal chose to jump into the water Share if you like :-) Follow me if you want - Have a great weeekend! via 500px