Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kurdistan by omidfarrokh

Kurdistan _ Sardasht via 500px

Al Final by jmpch86

via 500px

****Perfect Evening*** by MAG180

perfect summer sunset in Estonia via 500px

Gollinger Wasserfall by ralph_janker

Waterfall in the Austrian Alps via 500px

Rincones de Tenerife by FBarroso

Atardecer desde la costa Norte de Tenerife . Tejina . via 500px

Autum by PiotrKrol_Bax

Poland, Lower Silesia, Autumn 2014 Follow me: Facebook || Flickr || Twitter See more: Website ||1x || 500px Poland, Lower Silesia, Autumn 2014 via 500px

Fairyland by MaxBedendi

via 500px

*** by Hakka

750 x 30 seconds iso640 f3.2 via 500px

Iceland by ExploreLight

More amazing light in Iceland. Stillness amazing sky and beautiful ice..I'm going to be editing for a while.. via 500px

. by omer72

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Little Bavarian Canada by haraldspangler

Bavarian Dream... via 500px

Light beams by DanieleFornari

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Palaiokarya Waterfall by passonitis

Shot with Lee Big Stopper If you like my photos follow me on Facebook Panagiotis Assonitis Photography You can also check my website via 500px

The New Little Belt Bridge by worsoe1972

The New Little Belt Bridge is a suspension bridge, that crosses the Little Belt strait, between Jutland and the island of Funen, in Denmark. via 500px

Symmetry by janosradler

Thanks for stopping by! via 500px

cincia bigia - by francomottironi

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Blue evening by Taru

via 500px

They're Back by carol20

Unfortunately, they are buried under a foot of snow!!! Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by. via 500px

quick stop by RitaCaluori

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Tofana di Rozes by balazoviclubos

One old photo from amazing place in Dolomites. via 500px

My Dream by Prostoanna

...When I close my eyes... via 500px

Electrical Horizon by tadingle

The two mittens of Monument Valley with a storm in the background. via 500px

The white world by SotaroKajihara

Kawaguchi-ko,Yamanashi,Japan via 500px

Pinky sunset on lake Garda. by MattiaBonavida

A pinky sunset captured in Riva del Garda, on lake Garda, Italy. My fb page: via 500px

~Lacewing~ by kameliadandapat

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The World is worth to see.... by AhmetUtgan

Apollonia Lake. via 500px

Sand and Shadows by Aric-Jaye

The wonderful play of light sand and shadows in Upper Antelope Canyon via 500px

Tagus river embracing Toledo by Tramont_ana

The skyline of Toledo over the meander of Tagus river. via 500px

Sunrise in the mountains by info267

via 500px

Winter forest III by radekseverafoto

via 500px

Which Path Shall I Take? by delorespoll

A beautiful forked path at the Denver Botanical Gardens. via 500px

RiverOfLight by wmoritzer

This picture was taken last summer. I was on a walk, hiking through the woods and as i passed this spot i had to prepare my camera to shoot this scene. the light was magical falling through the leaves of the trees and the grass was shining in an intensive green color! a little bit of fog was rising up of the wet grass and moss. I took several exposures to get all the details in the shadows and in the highlights and blended them in postproduction by using luminosity masks. if you like my pictures, i invite you to follow me! appreciate every comment, vote and share on my pictures!! have a nice weekend! cheers! via 500px

Upper Myrtle Falls by tristanstuart

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resistance by NuroAksoy1

live... via 500px

白いカーテン(White curtain) by photoevecolon

Kyoto Japan Miyama winter scenery via 500px

Kiss of Light ! by uthamv3

Another picturesque range in Utah ! via 500px

Me and my dogs by Pernilleng

My lovely son and our dogs via 500px

Distant view by fuji2013legend

Distant view from Kokushigatake of altitude 2,592m. (retouched some ghost) via 500px

Dreaming Lighthouse by LucaBenini via 500px

Bryggene by Knut_Aage

Sunset over the Old Piers at Nidelven in Trondheim, Norway. via 500px

A Gloomy Day by Alberto_Romano

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Pastel Morning. by Lefineart

Iceland. via 500px

Just another Fall by DanielHerr

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...... by babchenkovol

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Dead Of Winter by Rich_Devant

**Dead Of Winter ** This was shot in the First State National Park which lies primarily in the state of Delaware but extends partly into the state of Pennsylvania. via 500px

Brook by gwad8895

River of a thousand lingas as it is referred to, Kbal Spean is a comfortable hike in the jungle of Kulen Hills northeast of the Angkor area of Siem Reap, Cambodia. A blend of 5 bracketed shots, low ISO trying to achieve that slow shutter effect for falls. More falls needed to improve. via 500px

Awakening by SilviaSil

via 500px

Valley sunrise by frank_delargy

Yosemite Valley Sunrise. Press H and M via 500px

Frozen by bulkington23

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Over the Fog by petergrischott

During the night via 500px