Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Parasol by Solasido

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Purple Flower by prasenjeet1

Purple Flower,Flower Exhibition via 500px

Verdicio by teran

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Bäume im Sonnenaufgang by bildschnitt

Winter Sonnenaufgang auf dem Witthoh via 500px

Scende la sera a Lovetti by MonikaRossi

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Dawn by johnsson

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My spaceship has arrived... by IurieBelegurschi

Saw this crazy UFO during our Winter Photo Workshop in Iceland :) via 500px

Bewitching Tibet by zhangning

Mt. Naimona'nyi, 7,694m, the 34th highest peak in the world. When i was taking this picture, i was standing at the very foot of Mt. Kaishas(6,638m), that means i was 100 km away from this mountain you see here. And i took this shot with my compact camera. via 500px

Temporal Disruption by erax7

Another of the images from my recent trip to a salt lake. Sorry about having so many from a series posted consecutively. I haven't done star trails for a very long time and wanted to try a few more experiments. It was a long time before the milky way core rising, so this also gives an opportunity to just let it run. The good thing about star trailing is that you can just sit back and enjoy the stars. 9 image vertical panorama and 220 minutes of star trailing (the battery ran out - if I wanted to do more serious stuff, I'd have used a battery grip :P ). This time I did a vertical panorama as part of the sequence. I wanted to test this way to see about controlling the amount of foreground interest. A previous portrait star trail that I did - Passage of Time - I like doing, but would have liked a little bit more foreground for balance. Star trailing is one of the few times that I'll blend in different times for an image. Taking the panorama for the foreground at dusk, brought out the clearer foreground. At dusk, the fading light highlighted on the pressure ridges of the salt lake. For the star trailing - I thought about this for awhile and decided to keep the intensity of the constant trails. I have done comet trails before it was automated. I didn't want to do vortex trails for this either. The blog about the trip via 500px

Reflection by RaymondYue

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Adventure by wimlassche

Strynevatnet, Norway. via 500px

Sunrise in the snow by JrnAllanPedersen

the first sun rays hit the snow Best on black You are welcome to visit my Facebook Page Jørn-Allan-Pedersen-Photo via 500px

Native. by EberLandaG

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... by MerliKasu

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Last sunset rays by mtidili

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[ Unstad glow ] by Oliver_Schratz

Norway - Lofoten - Unstad using Lee Filter System © Oliver Schratz | via 500px

Night Cave by samimatar

There is something special about being in a cave. Yet there is something magical about being in a cave at night. The smell, the sound of the waves, the cool light of the moon reflecting off of the ocean and the walls of the cave. via 500px

Winter - Rocky Mountains by shuchun

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CALA ESTRETA by Lluisdeharo

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Misty Lake by davidearizzi

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Evening at the lake by PHOTOMARKUS

"If your dream comes true, will you stop dreaming?" Anonymus via 500px

Winter at the Garden of the Gods by randydpoll

Last Sunday at the Garden of the Gods. This photo was shot from an area I haven't been to before. Still hoping to see the Bighorn Sheep up close! via 500px

Sharpened senses by ReinhardMittermaier

Another homage to the silence in the forests. via 500px

Time to spring by Janega_Edina

You can find my photos on facebook: Edina Janega Photography via 500px

Moon by joscarati

Moon view from home. via 500px

Ultraviolet by DariuszLakomy

Beautiful sunset reflection. via 500px

*** by KrasiMatarov

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MORNING PAKPRA by KaakPhotographer

goodtimes @pakpra thailand. via 500px

Cherry in the pink clouds by Akihiro_Satoh

Cold winter cherry is my favorite cherry tree for me. I tried to shoot as floating cherry blossoms in the pink clouds. via 500px

honeysuckle by evdokya

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Fog by fibimelles

Photoshop. Fog. Forest. via 500px

Calmness by mithphotography

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Interstellar by StergosSkulukas

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Morning Glory by elmarl65

Another beautiful sunrise captured over the Strait of Georgia. This image was taken at Neck Point Park in the city of Nanaimo, located on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. via 500px

Family by bahallavi

Beauty of the Nature... via 500px

Tracks in the snow by UlisseQuadri

Poranceto (italy) via 500px

.::Cliff Island::. by BryceKeen

Here is a long exposure shot of a natural arch that is found on the coast of Corona del Mar, CA. This picture is a little more warm and surreal with the long exposure compared to a previous post. Hope you enjoy!!!! (Please view on black: press H then M) via 500px

stone wound by ManuelGuillenAbad

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Bjarnarhafnarfjall by geinis

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Victoria amazonica by dynax111

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Sunrise in Adirondacks by Magda_Bognar

Please visit my work here: Facebook Page Please view it on black :) via 500px

Sunrise in Bali by antons1

Indonesia Bali, Sanur via 500px

color by kbsksh

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Stormy Sinopah by NWVisions

Walking along the shore of Glacier Park's Two Medicine Lake with Mt. Sinopah topped with storm clouds. via 500px

Northern lights at Grotta by DagurJonsson

Few weeks ago I was able to enjoy the Northern Lights here in the Reykjavik capital area. The show on that evening lasted for quite some time and this time the lights were very strong and beautiful. This shot is taken at around midnight at the seashore next to island of Grótta. It is probably one of the best spot to capture them here in the western part of the city, with no light pollution from the streets lights, you can enjoy them in darkness. If you like my work you can follow me on Facebook here. You can also follow me on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. via 500px

PINK PINK PINK by usagi505

White japanese apricot. via 500px

Clouds in Canada by Alan_T

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Morning Solitude by tadingle

Watching the sunrise through the heavy cloud layer at Corona Del Mar, California. via 500px

Cool Light at Byrums Rauker by molter

The cool light hit the Rauker while the moon hovers high above - Stunning sunset in a place filled with solitude. Often you couples come here to watch the sunset while enjoying a cool glas of white wine and each others company, in my opinion much better that a trip to the movies. Photo taken at Byrum northwest part of the islan Öland in Sweden, definitely a must visit for a photographer. This is a second post after a little more processing in Photoshop. via 500px

First Light by Puma200