Saturday, March 14, 2015

Podere Belvedere, Val d'Orcia - Tuscany by famigliaferraris

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Canola Field in Springtime by Yokai

Row of flowering cherry trees and canola field at Gongendo in Saitama, Japan  (埼玉県幸手市権現堂) I took this picture 2 years ago. The flowers will be in full bloom soon this year. via 500px

Antersasc by marioclara

La valle di Antersasc nel parco natuale Puez-Odles, patrimonio naturale Unesco, Dolomiti via 500px

Balloons over Cappadocia by JeremyLiguori

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The Sacred Mountain by nikandy

Monsacro. Asturias. First light. Amazing. via 500px

Neither Beck by philipdurkin

One of the many contributories into Wast Water in the Lake District National Park England. I am stood in a foot or so of fresh clean river water to get this one. The water was so clean it looked good enough to drink ! via 500px

parade by cdneufville

une attitude dans la parade nuptiale du rougegorge via 500px

Golden nature by guigues

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Perfect pose by majedrabee3

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awaken by modula

Sunrise at Duoyishu. Yuanyang, Yunnan, China. via 500px

Pink by WaveFaber

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La mia alba by EOS60

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Sunflower by komansh

Field of sunflowers, but this one caught my eye. via 500px

Pulsatilla by edzerdla

Its leaves and stems are long, soft, silver-grey and hairy. It grows to 15–30 cm high and when it is fruit-bearing up to 40 cm. The roots go deep into the soil (to 1 m). The finely-dissected leaves are arranged in a rosette and appear with the bell-shaped flower in early spring. The purple flowers are followed by distinctive silky seed-heads which can persist on the plant for many months. It is classified as a Priority Species and as Vulnerable on the Red Data List. via 500px

New Begining by SC-Pictures

My real first sunset with my new equipment, nikon D750 with Nikkor 16-35 via 500px

Rows by AndreasKrinke

Baltic Sea by Zingst via 500px

Amazing Waterfalls by tsg2812

It was a fantastic day in the Harz Nature Park. I hope you have with this picture just as much fun as I did. I would be glad if you follow me and my other images liket. I wish you a great day. see more and follow me on via 500px

Witte paard by suske

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Hole in the Eden by sysaworld

My Facebook Page ✔ --- My Website ✔ --- My Online Stock ✔ --- My G+ ✔ Maybe you can think Im crazy, but i would like landscapes like this more frequently during the year! I love icy situations and, if hell is as hot as the legend says, I hope we we will meet in a very cold heaven :D via 500px

Atlántico by Toninavar

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Hodgeman Lightning by kellydelay

Beautiful lightning display from this tornado warned supercell outside of Hodgeman County, Kansas earlier this year. This strike seemed to move in slow motion, striking the ground and returning to the clouds and forking out again. Amazing to watch! Hope you enjoy via 500px

Two Swans by MaikRichter

Sunset from 8th March 2015, in the nature park Elbtalauen, in Lower Saxony (Germany). Sonnenuntergang vom 8. März 2015 ,im Naturpark Elbtalauen (Niedersachsen). via 500px

Crocus by heikojuergens

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Spring is coming by cwalter

bike tour in the woods.... via 500px

"SifneikoStar" by theotriadafillos

An other flick from sifneiko, Antiparos, Greece. Im waiting for a clear sky so i can do a milky way shot next via 500px

quietness by albydido

I wish you all a beautiful weekend Meant to be viewed on black. Please like me on Facebook at: myFB and visit my website MYWEBSITE via 500px

Seeing the spring..... by SpYeh

In Taiwan, Kaohsiung. The kapok is in blossom that means the spring coming. via 500px

...... by babchenkovol

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Take seat... by andreasgieringer

...and enjoy the sunset. Volgelskopf, Germany

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to the sun by UlisesSandoval1

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Xiapu Bay by ThierryBornier

taken in the afternoon about in the bay of xiapu from the top of the hills .life style of fisher man and nets via 500px

Radiance by rcanonay

from darkness to light...... via 500px

Snowfall and pond by HiromasaSaito

Snowfall and pond with lighting up. via 500px

Северный олень (reindeer) by AntonFedyanin

Где-то под Нарьян-Маром повстречался мне олень северный via 500px


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Left behind by Pajomend

Dutch ship (Klemens) stranded on the beach Patacho in Vila Nova de Mil Fontes since 1996. via 500px

Gaza landscape 3 by EmadSMosa

غروب الشمس من شاطئ دير البلح بغزة الصورة مكونة من دمج تعريضين Sunset from Der El-balah beach in Gaza This photo is a complex of 2 exposures via 500px

Winter Blues by danipfister

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Grand Prismatic Spring and clouds by iannettivin

Grand Prismatic Spring at 6.00 p.m. via 500px

Rose by Photonaturepassion

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Barrika by VaidasMiseikis

I have finally had a chance to visit the extraordinary beach of Barrika in the Basque Country. I have seen some great photos from this place and it has long been on my must-visit list. In fact, I found it to be rather challenging photographically. Due to the big changes of the water level, you have to be lucky not only with the weather, but also with the tides to be able to capture the amazing organic features of the layered rocks, the iconic feature of this place. via 500px

Embalse de Oliana by Carlos_Santero_nature

Panta d'Oliana, Alt Urgell, Catalunya, Spain There are some Lakes on the way from the river "El segre" In the background there is the Coll de Nargó via 500px

Reflector by BenGoode

Dove Lake, Tasmania More photos on my Facebook Page or prints available on my Website via 500px

Sunset by nedimmaden

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Elemental Motion by skifast25

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Going for sleeping with blue costume by RajeeshPuthiyedath

Going for sleeping with blue costume via 500px

Red and green by jalmohri

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Manhattan in Lightning by Krisnyc

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Waiting the sun by laoudikos

Sunrise in Rhodes via 500px

Punta Helbronner (3.462 m s.l.m.) by Andrea-Camos

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