Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cherry Blossoms by taktix-i

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Noon by rmaric

After a whole day of rain weather finally started to clear out and while we were packing our tent and drying our gear I went to capture few shots of this amazing morning light coming trough the fog (low clouds). This tree was sticking out for me since I saw it the day earlier and this was the perfect moment to capture it. via 500px

*** by teidseid

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When the sun say good bye by JPineda95

La increíble puesta de sol. via 500px

Beside the path.. by LeifLndal

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First sun by krestaver

First sun after polar night via 500px

Una rosa en otoño by pacoco71

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Colourful Reflection by AlexGcs

colourful sunset reflection at yuanyang rice terrace via 500px

Field Trip by erinrigg

I've decided to branch out and start trying new things, shoot different places and expand my creativity. While this spot is often shot, I have never shot it or any scene like it before. It was a new challenge for me. I'm used to using a slow shutter, to capture water movement. Here, the flowers were blowing around in the wind and I had to try new techniques I'm not used to. Bumping up my ISO with my aperture wide open in order to use a faster shutter is not something I usually do, it's usually the opposite for me. I'm super excited to get out there and experience more new spots and new challenges. So glad spring is finally here! Thanks for looking :) via 500px

Black-tailed Godwit (Limosa limosa) by jjbakker

Black-tailed Godwit in dutch polder Arkemheen via 500px

xp by Forester6

windows xp desktop via 500px

Grand Canyon, Desert View by claudebu

Grand Canyon, Desert view in Arizona via 500px

burning sky by NBfotografie

Burning sky at #riegsee via 500px

Young suuny flowers by DanielDanilov

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Wait and bleed by myst1cal

Bruarfoss, Iceland **Please watch on a Black background** for print and licensing requests please contact me through my website at via 500px

Tim Burton's landscape III by etienneruff

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Above me, the darkness by Pierreantoinecorreard

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Feels like home by GiuseppeTorre

A magenta sky over "my volcano" , Etna. Two necessary ingredients for feel myself at home. Waiting for the right colours of the sky is the way to achieve the real magenta sky; usually it last no more than 20 minutes. BEST in BLACK (and hit M for HiRes) Follow me on Facebook My website via 500px

It was a perfect evening! by gabriele66

Sometime the nature is so beautiful without cats :-) via 500px

susiiiiie, I´m coming ..... by elsevier

springtime... via 500px

Preserving Rocks by nazmanm

Thanks for viewing my friend ;) via 500px

sunset in green rock by ealexandris84

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*** by AriadnaBelkina

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Iris by liza67

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starting the day by enzodavide

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Hello Spring by by_shan

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Swan Saturday by sabrinamaria

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368 seconds by Denis009

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Finally! It is not any more the snow which cleared cherry trees, they are all in flowers in Provence, it is necessary to walk in the evening in orchards to smell the delicate perfume of these trees, a real happiness!! via 500px

Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple by yudikpradnyana

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A Deal I Had With The Little Red by PaulHsieh

"Little red flowers" , I said, " can you keep still for a second, so I can take a decent photo for you?" "Mister", they said, "if we do our best to resist the wind for you, would you promise to do our beauty justice?" "Sorry", I said, " I can only guarantee that I will do my best, and hope it is enough!" "Mister", they said, " we decide to entrust our short-lived beauty in your hand cause we feel your genuine affection. And at least we will live in your heart for a longer time! " Thus I got this shot of them! My thanks goes to those who have the patience to go through the description! via 500px

Angel... by wonderful-earth | facebook Thank you all for your kind comments and votes. I really appreciate. All images in my photostream are copyright © All rights reserved. If you like to use one of my images for any reason please contact me at via 500px

Sunset in Belladona by sandra160173

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Unlucky for some! by photographicstudio

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White tailed eagles (juvenile) by drexylpogo

tried to get a high impact shot of these fighting eagles.. wanted all beaks & talons.. would've liked them a bit tighter together but this was all over in a flash & this is the best of the bunch..... via 500px

Low tide 3 by santiagosenna

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Botany Bay by cindip

We went down this road in the dark, I had to go back when it was light enough to see it. via 500px

cloudy sunset by a-saghir

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Christmas I Found You by eyeofalens

The title came to me when I found the raw file to this some nights back Another image from the only one day all winter that I managed to capture a few winter snowscapes in the south of Sweden .Christmas Day...miserable winter in the south Stay up to date at with the latest at Visit EyeOfAlens via 500px

Oystercatchers with Mussel by paulsikorski

American Oystercatchers insert their long blade-like bills into mussels and other bivalves, severing the powerful adductor muscles before the shells can close. via 500px

Kirkjufellsfoss by walaszek

Usually, Kirkjufellsfoss is photographed from the other side, which allows the photographer to include the witchhat-shaped Kirkjufell mountain in the composition. I liked the view from this side, which results in a more comprehensive look at the waterfall itself. via 500px

Kinderdijk by Arthur-Brunner

. via 500px

Stoker by JosebaHD

Monte Santiago via 500px

Moonshine over Manarola by ArpanDas

This was taken 2 days before the full moon last month. It was a lucky shot as I was there to capture the sunset and I had no plan to stay till night. But while shooting the blue hour I saw the moon started to rise and I knew it is full moon very soon. Also the sky was full of clouds. So I decided to stay till the night I witnessed this beautiful moonrise over Manarola, Cinque Terre. Two exposure blended in photoshop and I used TK actions for the tonal adjustment. *******Please watch it in fullscreen******** via 500px

Sedum Sempervivum Tectorum by Daffodill

I used a Close-up lens; German Name of the planT: Hauswurz via 500px

Spring blossoms by hiwa

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Jokulsarlon sunset by ckeller

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Open Range by Marc_Hennige

Took this shot on the Dingle Peninsula on Ireland. Well, weather was typical Irish... Hope you like it, comments are welcome :-) via 500px

Basham by jamesphotography

Basham Beach South Australia via 500px

Sunrise by KacperPasicz

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